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Well prepared for the road

At Internet-Outdoorshop, you'll find the right equipment for every situation. Are you going on a long trip? Then a power bank will be your best friend in flight. And once you arrive at your destination, it's always a good idea to have a global plug and charger with you, because in our modern world, most people can't make it without their phone. If you're the exception to that rule, you'll also find the perfect equipment for a survival trip. Whether it's a compass, tools or first aid kit you need, whatever your plan, you can rely on Internet-Outdoorshop to start of well prepared.

The outdoor shop with everything in stock

We'll make sure you can get to doing what you love as quickly as possible. For seasoned hikers, we have the most comfortable backpacks and the best waterproof rain covers around. You don't want to forget your water bottle, and we have reflective cuffs and safety vests to make sure you stay safe. The best part is that you can get ready fast. We have everything in stock in our warehouses. If you order before 4 pm on weekdays, we'll ship it the same day.

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